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An easy-drinking, well-balanced, golden session bitter. Grapefruit citrus is balanced with malt sweetness. Nice floral notes on the aroma.

Golden Hinde

Hopped with Brewers Gold to give a lingering sweetish mouthfeel, this beer is pleasantly bitter with a clean, sparkling finish.


With an aroma of Citra hops, this is a pale gold ale packed with citrus and fruit flavours, rounded off by a fresh citrus blast.

Cornish Cascade

A rich, fruity, golden ale, packed with American Cascade hops, with a pleasant citrus finish.


Brewed with new generation, high-alpha American hops, this beer is strikingly hoppy, yet with a mellow backfeel.


Piney hops on the aroma of this deep golden, well-balanced beer. On the palate, orange pith notes combine with spicy, bold hop flavours and biscuit malt. The finish is long and moreishly bitter.

Poseidon Adventure

A pale golden ale packed with cirtus fruit flavours, rounded off by a fresh citrus blast. Citra hops give that big fresh aroma.

St Piran's Porter

A traditional full-bodied porter using seven malts. Roasty toasty malt flavours are mixed with an abundance of hops.

Zeus IPA

A full-flavoured golden ale single-hopped with Zeus, giving prominent citrus notes. Full bodied and rounded with hop aromas throughout, there is a dry finish.



Brewed with six varieties of American high-alpha hops, this golden beer is powerfully hoppy with a rich fruity aftertaste and a full palate sensation.

English Garden Gold

A strong golden beer with earthy, slightly spicy, all-English hops, and good balancing malt, with a smooth, bittersweet finish.


A memorable strong ale with complex roast malt and hop flavours  and a moreish smack. A warming, dark old ale.

West Coast IPA

Pronounced fruity aromas in this powerful, American-style IPA. A deep golden ale with citrus hop and fruity flavours, and a bittersweet finish.


Kernow Imperial Stout

With an aroma explosion of roast malt, this full-flavoured, warming dark stout bursts with molasses and malt notes. Roast caramel adds to the dry finish.