Welcome to the Home of the Hop Monster

Characterful beers from Cornwall

Here’s our current bottled beer range, incuding newcomers Mosaic Gold, Proper American Pale Ale and Triton. They’re available at our Redruth shop, Cornwall Specialist Beer (at the brewery) and now online, too.

Regular beers, available now

Hop Monster

Aroma: hoppy, fruity
Taste: citrus fruit
Look: golden

Cornish Bronze

Aroma: light malt, hops
Taste: well balanced, good bitterness
Look: bronze

Merry Maidens Mild

Aroma: roast malt
Taste: malt, gentle bitterness
Look: black


Aroma: malt and hops
Taste: malt, fruit, gentle bitterness
Look: copper


Aroma: juicy hops
Taste: refreshing, hoppy
Look: golden

Golden Hinde

Aroma: hoppy yet balanced
Taste: bittersweet
Look: golden


Pier Porter

Aroma: berry fruit, hop edge
Taste: full-bodied, malty, hop notes
Look: black

Poseidon Extra

Aroma: Citra hops
Taste: citrus, refreshing
Look: pale gold

Cornish Cascade

Aroma: piney American hops
Taste: rich, fruity, bittersweet
Look: golden

Cornish Porter

Aroma: malt, fruit
Taste: smooth, roast malt, fruity aftertaste
Look: black

St Piran's Porter

Aroma: Roast malt, hops
Taste: smooth, roast malt, hop depth
Look: black

Specials and seasonals, available now

Summer Breeze

Aroma: hoppy, citrus
Taste: light biscuit, English hops
Look: golden

Summer Staycation

Aroma: hoppy, citrus
Taste: biscuit malt, lemon citrus 
Look: golden

Summer Blonde

Aroma: hop malt balance
Taste: hops, hints of honey
Look: golden

Kernow Imperial Stout

Aroma: molasses, roast malts
Taste: roast caramel, dry
Look: dark, dry stout


Aroma: berry fruit
Taste: roast malts, dark cherry
Look: deep ruby red